Dear GLOC215 90A
 “Anything worth doing right” Our long-standing commitment to be an asset to our communities is more than just a nice to have. I want to personally thank each one of you for your effort and dedication over the past GLOC years you responded to your respected area of responsibility (AOR) For all “call to serve” and keep our community and people safe. You strive to keep GLOC 215 function, missions and are a shining example of our values of being fearless and acting as “ONE” GLOC 215 with the highest integrity. Your efforts are key to our success and do not do unnoticed. I encouraged our chapter president and Board Of Directors to support and recognize the hard work of our EMS reponders and active members, constantly using their expand passion to create a positive change within GLOC 215 Our direction ahead is exciting yet tough, (due to the global economic crisis and covid) with immense opportunities to SERVE. I appreciate all you do to for the organization and keeping your team being a COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS. Continue to be humble, be kind, and be confident.



Communication and information are the most basic needs an organization has to effectively operate and respond to its mandate. The Global Network Team since its formation in the last decade has marked a level of existence with the advanced and broader perspective, empowered by relevant trainings, exposures in disaster response, and strengthened partnerships with the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD), Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Red Cross (PRC), and National Tele-Communication (NTC), among others. They explored the fields of Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, utilizing Incident Command System remotely abroad via internet and VHF repeaters, more active involvement and recognition by the Local Disaster Risk and Reduction Unit. GLOBAL NETWORK TEAM voluntarily joined Communication and Warning Group -Oplan Ugnayan of OCD Region 6, on April 18, 2003 through wherein various civic non government and government agencies like, Philippine Army, Philippine Coast Guard, Red Cross, DSWD, Pagasa, Rescue Team, Office of the Civil Defence, NTC, NDCC, DILG, Radio Station, United People Against Crime (UPAC), Department of Trade and Industry, Phivolcs and others. Its command center is located at Portland, Oregon. Through Oplan Ugnayan, the transmission and dissemination of important and urgent messages can easily transmit and a better coordination of members can be observed. GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS AND WARNING NETWORK INC is a non-profit civic organization formed by a group of amateur and freelance radio enthusiasts who wanted to be of service to the community. The founder, Celso Corpuz, VE4CPC,mandated his civic partners and friends, Reyson Munos, Andy Navarro and Doctor Jose Resplandor for three separate missions for GLOC 215
On February 14, 2014 at Stockton California USA, Celso Corpuz, instructed Dr. Jose Resplandor, VE4RES to proceed to Ventura county on a personal mission to meet and coordinate one of the Gloc-fathers of the organization, Engr. Arthur Olipani about the formation of the group, at the same day after the successful meeting, they both spearheaded to Los Angeles to meet Mr Boboy Tagao to discuss about the organization.
             On the same month and year, parallel to Dr. Jose “Otsies” Resplandor’s mission in the US. to connect  the dots of all the prospected  IHQ team members.  The Founder , Celso Corpuz instructed Reyson Munoz from Melbourne Australia to spearhead to the Philippines and coordinate Pastor Arnold Dadulla of Baguio city, Alvin Laxamana and Jose Regudo of Pampanga about the creation of Global Communication and Warning Network aka GLOC 215. Andy Navarro,VE4AIN also execute the formation and coordination of possible members of the organization in Manitoba Canada and Toronto.
             Today, GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS AND WARNING NETWORK Inc. aka GLOC 215 with SEC Reg. CN20150782 and with NTC Radio Station License No. FB-CC-0013-16. GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS AND WARNING NETWORK INC has its international HQ in the Beaverton Oregon USA with a network of other local chapters in the state of California, other country like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.
             The GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS AND WARNING NETWORK INC is a duly organized civic group whose primary function is to contribute their humble assistance in mitigating the effects of disasters in the country. Our group purpose is to aide the government in various disaster risk reduction and management activities of the region in general and provided us that strong motivation to further improve its operational capabilities.
Our Mission
To prepare, respond, mitigate and recover from natural and man-made disasters.
Maintain suitable communications for the benefit of the community; and when requested, to assist civil authorities
To protect communities by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability To promote safer and, less vulnerable with the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters.
All member chapters shall report any unusual incidents including fire, vehicular accidents, crimes, emergencies and other events that may require assistance of the Organization.
Our Vision
We aim to be the one of the most progressive, enthusiastic and friendly radio civic organization in the Philippines and abroad.
All member chapter must have at least one emergency unit or equipment paramedic and task force group to be able to respond and assist members in distress.